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GSA Motion Sensor

Gain an extra level of interior protection.

Wide coverage

Cover a wide area of your home with just one motion sensor.

Pet friendly

The motion detector sensitivity level can be set based on the size of your pets.

Custom alerts

If a motion sensor detects motion, receive triggered alerts and video clips automatically.

Wider range means more protection

GSA motion sensors can cover an area as big as 35’ x 40’. That means you can cover several high-traffic areas in your home with just one or two sensors. Movement will trigger the sensor and alert our 24/7 monitoring professionals to send help if there’s an intruder.

Know someone’s in your home when you’re not

  • Receive automatic alerts on your phone or via email
  • Set up your system to automatically capture video if motion is detected
  • Set your system to turn on lights if a motion sensor is triggered at night

Customize your motion sensor to accommodate pets

We love pets at GSA and want to make sure your security system takes them into account. Our professional installers can set the sensitivity levels of your motion detectors based on the size of your pet. That way, we can keep you safer by capturing unwanted visitors and not your pets.

GSA Motion Sensors offer these additional features

24/7 monitoring

Our professionals will be there to take care of you if a motion sensor is triggered.

Customizable options

Choose between wired and wireless options to fit the setup of your home.

Extended life

Batteries last an average of seven years, and provide an alert when they run low.

Professional installation

Our security experts will evaluate your home and help determine the best placement for your motion sensors.

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