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Door & Window Sensors

Smart, front-line detection for your security system.

Entry detection

Door and window sensors can alert you immediately if one opens when it shouldn’t.

Automatic alerts

Receive a text alert if a door or window is opened when your system is armed.


Every home is different so we have a range of door and window alarms to fit your needs.

Your home has different needs

Your home is your own. In its own way, it’s different than every other home on your block. Your security system should fit your specific needs. So we offer a variety of sensor types and wiring options to give you peace of mind knowing the things you value most are more secure.

Keep track of who enters your home remotely

  • Get automatic alerts via text or email when a sensor is triggered
  • Create an automation to activate cameras connected to your system so you can see who triggered a sensor
  • Check in on your home from virtually anywhere using your mobile device

Did you know?

34% of burglars enter through the front door.

Source: International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

GSA Door & Window Sensors offer these additional features

24/7 monitoring

Our thousands of professionals will be there to alert the police if a sensor is triggered when your system is armed.

Expert guidance

An GSA professional will help you choose the right sensors for your system.

Plenty of options

Choose between wireless and wired sensors, recessed, slim line and more – whatever works best for your home.

Professional installation

Our security experts will make sure your sensors are properly installed and working.

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