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GSA Key Fob

Convenient, one-touch system arming and disarming

Easy to use

Simple buttons with easy-to-understand icons help reduce false alarms and make it easy for anyone to arm or disarm your system.

Panic button

If you ever feel you’re in danger at home, press the panic button to alert GSA monitoring centers to contact local emergency services for help.

No codes

Never worry about forgetting your security code again. You can arm or disarm your system with the touch of a button on your fob.

Convenient and compact

The sleek, compact key fob fits onto your key ring or into a pocket, backpack or purse. It lets you easily arm or disarm your system with no code and call for help if there’s an emergency around your house.

GSA Key Fobs offer these additional features

Added convenience

Simply press the Arm or Disarm button on your key fob instead of tapping your code into the keypad.

Battery alerts

Tells you when it’s time to replace your battery.

Easy maintenance

Long-life lithium batteries (up to two years) are easy to replace.

Confirmation alerts

Provides light-up LED confirmation that your system was armed or disarmed.

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