Life Safety

Smoke Detector

Rate-of-rise detection

It can detect rapidly rising temperatures, which could indicate a rapidly spreading fire.

Monitored fire protection

Protect your home and family with 24/7 monitored smoke and heat detection.

Enhanced fault detection

Enhanced sensors can minimize cooking false alarms while picking up smoldering fires faster.

Advanced sensors detect fires sooner

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. But there’s also heat. Our sensor can detect rapidly rising temperature
— 15° F/minute starting at 104° F — that can indicate a fire that's spreading quickly in your home. It can also detect slow, smoldering fires sooner, which means it can notify GSA sooner, and we can send help faster.

Monitor your smoke detection from virtually anywhere

  • Get alerts on your mobile device if smoke or heat are detected
  • Unlock all exit doors to let in first responders*
  • Turn off the air in your home to slow the spread of smoke*
*Additional services and products required for these

Protect your furry children even when you’re away

Your four-legged family members can hear the smoke detector alarm, but they can’t call for help. But with monitored smoke protection, GSA can do it for them – and you – and alert your local fire department at the first sign of danger. It’s an easy way to take care of your furry children even if they’re home alone.

Did you know?

Half of home fire deaths result from fires reported between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., when most people are asleep.

Source: National Fire Protection Association

GSA Smoke Detectors offer these additional features

Smart status reminders

Your detector will tell you if it’s working properly or if it needs cleaning or new batteries.

Programmable alarm

One-go-all-go programming sets off all the alarms in the house, to alert when it detects a fire.

Flexible locations

Easy-to-replace battery power means there’s greater flexibility for placement around your home.

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