Life Safety

Flood Detector

Minimize the damage with early detection.

Instant notifications

If the sensor detects a leak, you can receive instant notifications on your smart devices.

Wireless flexibility

Sensors are battery powered to make installation easy in hard-to-reach places.

Numerous applications

Place flood sensors in the basement, by a dishwasher, clothes washer or anywhere flooding could occur.

Leaks are common. Extensive damage doesn’t have to be.

Water damage is one of the most common insurance claims. But well-placed flood sensors can help detect leaks early. This can help minimize water damage and reduce the cost of repairs in places where flooding is common, like near appliances connected to water lines or in basements prone to water seepage.

Quick notifications can help minimize damage

  • Get instant alerts on your phone when water is detected for faster response to reduce potential damage
  • Disarm your security system and unlock your smart-lock-equipped doors remotely to let in a repair crew
  • View indoor cameras to check for leaks or damage as it’s happening

Help protect vacation or rental homes

Places like vacation and rental homes that you don’t occupy are harder to monitor. But with flood detection, you can get alerts if a leak occurs and minimize damage to floors, walls, furniture and electronics.

Did you know?

The average cost of a home water damage insurance claim is $6,965.


GSA Flood Sensors offer these additional features

24/7 monitoring

Our professionals will try to contact you if one of your sensors is triggered.

Flexible placement

Wireless connectivity and battery power make sensors easy to place in locations prone to leaks and flooding.

Instant notifications

Get alerts on your smartphone or connected devices when a leak is detected.

Professional installation

Our security experts will evaluate your home and help determine the best placement for your sensors.

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