Smart Home Automation

GSA Smart Light Bulbs

A bright idea for more security

Simple setup

Simply screw it into your fixture just like you would a regular bulb.

Create scenes

Create custom automations to turn your smart light bulbs on and off.

Light dimmer

Use your app to dim lights, even if your lamp doesn’t have a dimmer.

Enhance your safety at the speed of light

A well-lit house can be a deterrent to burglars, even if you’re not home. Installing Smart LED Light Bulbs throughout your home lets you control your lighting remotely. Never again arrive to a dark home, and make sure any burglars don’t either.

Take your light switches with you

  • Easily connect your smart light bulbs to the GSA mobile app to control them remotely.
  • Automate smart lights to turn on and off at different times from day to day to make an empty home look occupied.
  • Set your smart lights to automatically come on if your GSA smoke detector is triggered.

GSA Smart Light Bulbs offer these additional features

Two-way communication

Lights relay commands and use two-way communication to ensure reliable operation throughout your home.

Universally compatible

Works with any standard light fixture.

Alexa integration

Smart bulbs work with the GSA Smart Home skill.

Schedule timed events

Schedule lights to go on or off and even dim at specific times of day.

Simple installation

Screw smart bulb into the light fixture and you’re done.

Create automations

Set up your smart lights to turn on if an alarm is triggered.

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