5 Benefits of Intercom Systems in Schools

Posted on Apr 05, 2022,

Intercommunications, or intercom, systems are systems which allow two-way communications throughout a building. FiberPlus, with the aid of our strategic partners, has installed many intercom systems, with the majority installed in schools. Using an intercom system is always beneficial, but there are a few specific reasons why a school should install an intercom system. Read on to discover the benefits that come with this modern communication system.

School Intercom Systems Provide Emergency Information

In a large school, it can take several precious minutes to find a particular student amidst all of the varying schedules and class changes. But if a parent calls the office or stops in with a need to deliver emergency news—perhaps of a family illness or injury—staff needs to be able to find that student quickly. A school intercom system can alert the student to come to the designated location immediately, saving time and unnecessary hassle. 

Room to Room Intercommunications

Often, a teacher will be the only supervisor of their classroom. This means that if they need any assistance, they cannot leave their students alone in the classroom to get that assistance. With an intercom system, staff can communicate from room to room and request any assistance immediately without upsetting the rhythm of the class. Room-to-room intercommunication is essential to keeping a school running orderly.

School Intercom Systems Broadcast Announcements

There are times when a school administrator needs to inform all students and staff of something at once. Rather than spreading the information through email and risking the possibility that the message won’t be read in time, an intercom system can deliver the message right away. A school intercom system can broadcast messages through all room stations and speakers in the halls at one moment.

School Intercom Systems as Pagers

Another simple function of a school intercom system is that of a pager. If a staff member needs to discuss something with another staff member, they can first “page” them on the intercom. One person can ask the other to pick up their incoming phone call, ensuring that the second person will be at attention waiting for this call. No more inter-office phone tag!

Alarm Codes Spread Quickly

Every school staff is familiar with various distress codes that indicate different kinds of emergencies. These codes can cover anything from a missing student, a medical emergency, an unruly student, or a safety threat. These situations are time-sensitive, so the staff needs to be informed of them right away. Intercom systems ensure the fast delivery of information throughout the entire school in one moment.

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